KIPP Miami Schools

KIPP Miami Public Schools is a college-preparatory, free, public charter schools network of 4 schools with over 1,000+ K-8 students. Our schools cultivate a love for learning at all levels through challenging and fun curriculum that connects our classroom learning to students’ lives.  

Together, A Future Without Limits.

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Building a love for learning, confidence and critical thinking skills.

Elementary Schools

Our elementary schools are places where curiosity is contagious, reading is sacred, and character is paramount.

Middle Schools

Our middle schoolers enjoy a challenging and immersive academic program that prepares them for success in both high school and college.

List of KIPP Miami Schools

Elementary Schools (K-4)
KIPP Sunrise Academy

6745 NW 23rd Avenue Miami, FL 33147

KIPP Royalty Academy

3000 NW 110th Street, Miami, FL 33167

Middle Schools (5-8)
KIPP Liberty Academy

3000 NW 110th Street, Miami, FL 33167

KIPP Courage Academy

3000 NW 110th Street, Miami, FL 33167

Elementary Schools (K-4)
Middle Schools (5-8)

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We are a community of free, high-performing elementary and middle schools in Miami.

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